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Honesty and Integrity is Our Policy!

As America’s Automotive Repair Club, we offer you straight forward certified extended warranty product options. Our extended auto warranty speaks to the honesty and peace of mind that shoppers just like you will achieve as a Club Member.

Our priority is to honor you with honest, friendly, and affordable auto mechanical repair coverage for all your vehicles. We work with your mechanic to ensure they take pride in the quality of their work, and treat your vehicle like they would treat their own!

That’s why we’re  a great American Maintenance Coverage Plan (aka Extended Auto Warranty). Our premium auto repair protection coverage is the safest way to protect your vehicle. Because our auto repair coverage provides 24 hour towing, 24 hour claims and more.

$0 Down Payment ☼ No Credit Check ☼ $0 Deductibles ☼ No High Pressure Sales Tactics

Honest, Integrity, Service.

We were founded because of the faulty and deceptive warranty companies out there today. We are here to establish a clear and distinct difference in the auto repair protection coverage industry. AmericanWarrantyClub.com's Membership Has It's Privileges!

* You Join ... * You're In ...
* All Repairs Covered
It's That Simple!

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Our Mission Statement

Our founder fell victim to a deceptive warranty company himself and vowed not to let this happen to another hard-working American!

We will also never use a high class celebrity to back us. We will also never pass off unnecessary costs to you by bundling our warranties with cheap, inexpensive engine additive. Or, marketing any additives as service contracts. The largest warranty companies do this. So now they are in trouble for unethical, illegal business practices.

We are truly a company that is here for the people!

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Reward: Who Else Wants to Earn Rewards?

Refer a new customer earn rewards!!! Earn by referring just 10 new customers. By referring others to join our club and purchase used automobile mechanical breakdown coverage from AmericanWarrantyClub.com - you will help them prepare today for unexpected expensive repair bills tomorrow.

Feel free to call 1.800.557.0981 right now to learn more. Or, don't delay ... start referring right away. Just click the link below to learn more about the referral reward program or click here to learn about our independent business owner program and earn even more.

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Don’t wait for your car warranty to expire.

Extended auto warranties are agreements to pay for specific repairs due to mechanical breakdowns not covered under auto warranty policies.

AmericanWarrantyClub.com understands in these hard economic times most families have a difficult time just staying a float. We've designed our plans so you'll pay a small membership fee per month instead of the large cost associated with most repairs today when your vehicle does breakdown.

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We offer excellent opportunities for experienced sales and sales trainees, you’ll be responsible for presenting auto warranty service. We are also seeking joint ventures with auto sales pros and dealers. You’ll represent us in providing professional, timely and courteous customer service. Call 800-557-0981 extension 9 or email us.

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